Celebrities and Their Courtroom Attire

As glamorous women in court continue to dominate headlines, INSIDE EDITION looks at the fashions that are appropriate in the courtroom.

Two beauties embroiled in courtroom dramas are dominating headlines from coast to coast.

From actress Nicollette Sheridan to accused Manhattan madam Jaynie Mae Baker, both women are striking demure tones for their big day in court.

"These women are taking their lawyers advice and it's good advice. Don't wear anything too flashy that's going to distract, not much cleaveage. You want people to look at your face and pay attention to what's coming out of your mouth, and not have their eyes on your legs or chest," lawyer Beth Karas said.

Sheridan frequently wears fitted blouses under sleek suits, her flowing blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. All in all, the look is conservative for an actress known for her sexy role on Desperate Housewives.

Baker surrendered to police following her indictment for allegedly working with accused madam and soccer mom Anna Gristina. Baker and Gristina pled not guilty.

She wore a pale blue blouse with pearl buttons and matching pearl earrings. Her glasses were described as "expensive" but "innocent looking."

Based on her appearance, you'd never know Baker was once a contestant in a raunchy wrestling competition: the 2005 WWE Raw Diva Search.

Perhaps, the women are using Lindsay Lohan as an example of what not to wear to court.

The troubled starlet once faced a judge in a white mini dress. You couldn't help but notice that Lohan was also bra less!

Lohan clearly learned her lesson and looked much more covered up for subsequent court dates.

Now, Sheridan and Baker are the courthouse glamour girls, making an impression with their appropriate sense of style.