Wheelchair-Bound Toddler Frisked By TSA

The just released video of a three-year-old, wheelchair-bound boy being frisked by TSA has gone viral and INSIDE EDITION has the whole story on the boy's terrifying ordeal.

The terrified expression on a wheelchair-bound three-year-old's face told a whole story. He's was being checked for explosives before boarding a plane.

He looked as helpless as a kitten, with his leg bound in a cast, and his trembling voice said it all.

"I want to go by mom," the boy said.

His father gave him encouragement and said, "We're going to go in a minute."

Matt Dubiel videotaped his son Rocco's ordeal at a Chicago's O'Hare airport. The family was on their way to Disney World when they ran into what they consider an outrageous security check.

At one point, the boy's sister ran in to give him a comforting pat on the head. To his credit, the TSA agent performing the task was soft-spoken and gentle.

"Can you sit up for me? You're a good boy," said the agent.

Matt forced himself to stay calm for his son's sake.

Matt told his son, "Are you nervous? Don't be nervous. He's just checking to make sure we're okay to get on the plane."

The agent then swabbed the boy's cast, his back, both hands and his wheelchair in search of explosives, as the puzzled toddler looked on.

The newly-released video has gone viral. It was actually shot two years ago, but had been misplaced until now. Matt feels it's important to share it with the world.