John Mark Karr Gets a Sex Change

John Mark Karr gained attention when he falsely confessed to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Now Karr has undergone a sex change and goes by Alexis. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The notorious John Mark Karr is undergoing a big transformation! Here's what he looks like now, after a sex change.

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the first photo of Karr as a woman. It's on his Facebook page. He's also legally changed his name to Alexis Reich.

And check this out...he lists Alexis's birthday as January 1st, 1980. That would make Karr just 30 years old. But he's actually 45. It's a strange new turn for the man who became infamous after falsely confessing to killing JonBenét Ramsey.

Karr apparently started changing his sexual identity in 2006, taking female hormones. For a time, he put the sex change process on hold and got engaged to Brook Simmons.

When INSIDE EDITION interviewed the couple three years ago, we asked about Karr's intention to get a sex change operation.

INSIDE EDITION asked, "There were reports that you were taking hormones to prepare for a sex change. Is that true?"

"Yeah, it was true at the time," said Karr.


INSIDE EDITION asked Simmons, "Do you have any comments about that?"

"Yes, I disagree with that. The sex change. I do. I'm not gonna lie. I disagree with it," said Simmons.

No surprise, the relationship didn't last, and Karr went ahead with his plans to become a woman. Today, he looks a lot like his former fiancé, with long brown hair and delicate features.

So where is he now? Court documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION show that he's living in Seattle. When we went there to check out the address, it turned out to be just a mail drop. It's believed Karr is out of the country today. Possibly back in Thailand where he first was arrested, living a new life, as a woman.

And according to his former fiancé, to this day John Mark Karr remains completely obsessed with the JonBenét Ramsey case.