Has The Whitney Houston Casket Photographer Been Named?

Has the identity of the photographer that took Whitney Houston in a casket been revealed? INSIDE EDITION reports.  

Has the identity of the person who took that infamous National Enquirer photo of Whitney Houston in her casket finally been unmasked?

The man, Raffles van Exel, a friend and confidante of the Houston family, has been named as the photographer, according to Forbes.com columnist Roger Friedman.

Friedman said an employee at the Whigham Funeral Home told him, "One of their employees says they witnessed Raffles van Exel take the picture of Whitney in her coffin."

Raffles van Exel attended two private viewings of Houston's casket at the funeral home. He was in the second row at her funeral and left the church with her devastated family.

Here's what INSIDE EDITION has learned about van Exel. He describes himself on Twitter as a "European actor, music consultant and producer."

A YouTube video showed him interviewing Houston's boyfriend Ray J last year. INSIDE EDITION taped him on crutches at the 2003 Billboard Awards. Turns out he was making a video called The Art of the Con, where he faked being on crutches to show how to get onto the red carpet without an invitation.

Meanwhile, speculation continues to build that Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina and adopted son Nick Gordon are engaged.

They were spotted strolling hand-in-hand in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bobbi Kristina wore a ring on her left hand where an engagement ring would be.  

INSIDE EDITION learned the ring belonged to her mother and is worth a reported $250,000.

When asked about the engagement report, Gordon said, "No comment."