The Free Throw Record Holder

INSIDE EDITION challenges 14-time Guinness World Record breaker, Bob Fisher to the task he does best.

Bob Fisher is the free throw king of the world.

Fisher has fourteen Guinness World Records, all for free throws, and he attempted some more for INSIDE EDITION.

Now you might think 54-year-old Fisher is a former NBA star or a basketball coach. Actually, he works for the Department of Agriculture as a Soil Conservation Technician.

Fisher and his wife, Connie live in Centralia, Kansas. The population of their town is 500.

So how did this regular Joe get so good at free throws?

Fisher said, "About 20-years-ago I heard some advice, pick one thing and become an expert at it, and for me that was shooting a basketball."

He built a contraption in his basement and every morning he shoots.

Connie said, "He wakes up at 6:30 and goes downstairs on his contraption and it's thunk, thunk, thunk."

And every evening after work he goes to the gym and practices more.

Fisher is a local hero in the small town, and an inspiration to the kids at the high school, where INSIDE EDITION challenged him to break some of his own records.

First was the record for the most free throws in one minute.

The kids counted them down, and could barely keep up. He shot so fast, the balls went in three at a time.

As the buzzer sounded, Fisher set a new world record with 54 balls in one minute.

INSIDE EDITION thought Fisher needed an extra challenge, so we asked him to attempt the record blindfolded. Connie coached him, telling him where the balls are landing.

Even blindfolded Fisher made it look easy. And just like before, as the buzzer hit, Fisher shattered another world record with 29 balls in.

Blindfolded or not, Fisher is a natural.