Surveillance Video Shows Dangerous Shopping Cart Prank

14-year-old Achilles Baskin is visible in the surveillance video trying to stop his two friends from carrying out the ultimately life-threatening prank.

"I feel very sorry for them," said Marion Hedges. 

Remarkable words from a woman who was nearly killed by a shopping cart that was thrown over a shopping mall railing and landed on her head.

But Hedges forgives the 12-year-old and 13-year-old punks who pulled the disastrous prank.

"I wish them well, I do," said Hedges.

A surveillance video obtained by the New York Post reveals exactly how it happened at a Target store in New York City.

The video shows three youths struggling with the shopping cart on the third floor of the parking garage.

14-year-old Achilles Baskin—wearing a white jacket in the video—can be seen doing his best to get the shopping cart away from his two friends.

He is quoted as saying, "I was trying to stop them. I was trying to put the cart near me. But they had the advantage because there were two of them against one."

The video also shows Baskin fleeing because he didn't want anything to do with the prank.

"We know about that third boy. We're grateful that he made the effort that he did," said Hedges' husband, Michael.

In the video you can then see the other two struggling to hoist the cart over the rail, and push it over.

The cart crashed down on Hedges, a philanthropist who had gone shopping to buy Halloween candy for underprivileged kids. Her 13-year-old son was with her, and the video shows him rush for help as a crowd gathered.

It happened last October. Hedges was briefly in a coma and to this day she struggles to recover, having lost her sight in one eye.

"I only have one eye that works. So it's hard to see close or far. It's a work in progress," said Hedges.

Hedges' whole life is dedicated to good deeds. Seven years ago she made an impromptu appearance on Regis and Kelly.

Little could this happy woman have dreamed that one day her whole life would be turned upside-down by a prank gone horribly wrong.