Can A Woman Be Too Pretty To Date?

INSIDE EDITION talks to beautiful, successful women who say they can't find a mate. Could they be too pretty to date?

These women have it all. But they do have one problem: they can't get a date!

Candace Griffin is a 25-year-old health educator from New Jersey. She hasn't been on a date in 6 months. 

"I think some men may be slightly intimidated," said Griffin.

Allyn Izzard is a gorgeous 23-year-old fashion consultant from New York. She says being 6 feet tall works against her.

"Men find my height very intimidating. I'm taller than them. They want a cute, little girl," says Izzard.

Belinda Monro is a 29-year-old singer-songwriter from Toronto.

"I think that men may get caught up in the physical attributes of me," said Monro. 

And Ashley Lemaire, a 25-year-old health care professional from Minnesota, says guys just can't get past her looks.

"When you start dating someone, my concern is that they're looking for an accessory or a trophy. I want to be my own trophy," said Lemaire.

It's hard to believe that Colleen Croft, a professional photographer from San Franciso, is 53-years-old.

So, how is a gorgeous woman supposed to get a date? We asked matchmaker Suzanne Oshima.  

"They have to be more inviting. You can't just expect the man to always approach you. There are these simple things, like you have to make eye contact, you have to smile," said Oshima.

After manicures and pedicures at spa week's Aqualia Spa, Oshima took the ladies to Whiskey Park in Manhattan to give them tips on how to get guys to ask them out.

"You look unobtainable. It's terrifying for a guy to approach five beautiful women and take the risk of being rejected. Maybe venture to the bar with one other girl, not all of you—or go by yourself," said Oshima.

Monro and Lemaire took Oshima's advice and started playing pool.  

So did Griffin—who attracted the attention of 27-year-old financial analyst, Anthony Garrity. He showed her how to play the game. 

Garrity and Griffin hit it off! So for all those beautiful but lonely women out there looking for love, there is hope!