Billionaire John Goodman Takes The Stand

He adopted his own girlfriend, reportedly to protect his fortune from a lawsuit. Now, the billionaire accused of killing a man while driving drunk testified in court. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The billionaire who adopted his beautiful blonde girlfriend took the stand at his manslaughter trial.

In a surprise move, polo playing mogul John Goodman testified about the night he was involved in a car wreck that killed a 23-year-old man.

Goodman was asked, "What car did you drive that evening?"

"I was driving my Bentley," Goodman said on the stand.

After the crash, Goodman said, his phone was not working so he went to a nearby home. His first call was to his girlfriend, Heather Colby.

Goodman was asked, "Why did you call Heather Colby?"

"That was the only number I could think of, or remember at that time," Goodman responded.

He was then asked, "And then did you then call 911?"

"Yes, I did," he answered.

Goodman, adopted his girlfriend after the crash, in what many thought was a move to shield his fortune from a lawsuit by the dead man's family.

On the stand, Goodman admitted he had three drinks at his polo club the night of the crash, including tequila and a Grey Goose vodka.

Lawyers asked, "After having those three drinks, were you intoxicated, impaired, or drunk?"

"Absolutely not," Goodman said.

He was asked where he went after he left the polo club.

"I went to Wendy's," said Goodman.

"Why did you go to a Wendy's?," asked the lawyers.

"To get a Frostie," he said.

A billionaire that likes fast food - who would have thought?

"He is not smooth, he is not polished, but in a sense it may work to the defense's advantage. I mean, he comes across as sincere, down-to-earth, on the stand, " said WPEC reporter Chuck Weber.

Goodman is charged with DUI manslaughter in the death of Scott Wilson and leaving the scene of an accident.