Can Maria Shriver Save Oprah's Struggling Network?

Can Maria Shriver save Oprah's struggling OWN network? INSIDE EDITION explores the idea that has the media buzzing.

Can Maria Shriver save Oprah?

The veteran journalist is reportedly in talks to host a show on her struggling cable network, just days after Oprah cancelled Rosie O'Donnell's show.

Oprah and Shriver have been friends for decades and Oprah could really use a friend right now.

Radar Online quoted a source close to Oprah who said, "Oprah needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat, literally."

Shriver, who has worked in network news as a correspondent, is reportedly not interested in a talk show but she would do specials for the network with an emphasis on human interest stories.

In an poll, we asked our viewers if Shriver can rescue OWN? And our viewers are not buying it. 11% said "Yes," but a whopping 89% said "No."

And TV critics are weighing in, The New York Post blasted OWN and said, "Stop pounding us with do-gooder shows that make us feel guilty. It's time (Oprah) moves on to something new... Like her viewers have."

Meanwhile Rosie O'Donnell is seeing the lighter side of her show's cancellation, joking about her on-going feud with Donald Trump.

"I have been booked for Celebrity Apprentice next season. Not true, but we're hoping," joked O'Donnell on Tuesday's show.