Dennis Hopper's Last Hurrah

Veteran screen icon Dennis Hopper receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as he battles terminal cancer. INSIDE EDITION reports from Hollywood.

It may be the screen legend's final public appearance. Dennis Hopper weighs just 100 pounds and looks desperately ill. He is battling terminal prostate cancer.

Hopper was surrounded by old friends and family when he showed up at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Friday. His right hand heavily bandaged, and another bandage on his head.

Hopper is best known as the bad guy in Sandra Bullock's break out movie Speed. He was nominated for an Oscar® in 1986 for Hoosiers but he's been a star since the 1950s, appearing in such classics as Giant and Easy Rider.

Sadly, Hopper's final days are filled with acrimony. He is engaged in a bitter divorce with his fifth wife Victoria. In court documents he has called her "insane" and "inhuman."

Legal expert Debra Opri said, "It's an ugly divorce because Dennis Hopper wants her cut out. And make no mistake, Dennis Hopper will fight to the end."

Victoria claims Hopper is under the influence of his children from previous marriages who are trying to keep her from inheriting his wealth.

No matter the outcome of the divorce, this was surely a courageous last hurrah for a beloved movie icon.