The Firefighters in Drag Speak to INSIDE EDITION

The video of firefighters in drag putting out a blaze has gone viral, now the firefighters are speaking to INSIDE EDITION about what happened and why they battled the blaze in dresses.

It was a sight that made passerbys do a double-take of two macho men in prom dresses putting out a roadside truck fire as another firefighter in a print evening gown worked the water pump.

The hilarious video of these men at work has gone viral on the internet and the world wonders, why are these firefighters in drag?

There is nothing at all kinky about these guys. They're volunteer firefighters from the town of Sedan, Minnesota, who normally look like firefighters on the job.

But they were wearing dresses for a St. Patrick's Day parade to earn money for new firefighting equipment when suddenly, duty called.

With no time to change clothes, Ben Tearhar, John Hinezee and Ted Aubart had to work in the dresses they had on to fight a blaze.

"We just had to go and no time to react, so we had to go as we were," said Tearhar, he continued and said, "It was hard to not step on the dress."

"There were people laughing, they thought it was hilarious," said Aubart.

The guys are such good sports; they put the dresses on again, just for INSIDE EDITION.