Ann Coulter Speaking Engagements Draw Protesters in Canada

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is drawing protesters during a speaking tour in Canada. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A platoon of bodyguards surrounded conservative firebrand Ann Coulter as she arrived for a speech that has led to a storm of controversy.

Hundreds of protesters waved signs accusing the outspoken Coulter of promoting hate and bigotry. They taunted ticket-holders who passed through heavy security at the University of Calgary.

"This has never happened to me before and I give a lot of college speeches.  I think it's fun to mix it up," commented Coulter.

She was greeted by a standing ovation in the sold-out auditorium. Protesters could be heard outside, banging on the doors as she gave her speech.

"This is one popular speech, I'm sorry we don't have room for everyone," she quipped.

It was her last stop on a Canadian speaking tour that's become a lightning rod for protests. Earlier this week her scheduled speech at the University of Ottawa was canceled after Coulter made remarks that some saw as anti-Muslim. But she remains as defiant as ever, and clearly enjoys stirring things up. She concluded her speech by saying, "If anything I've said tonight offended you, my work is done."