How Low Can You Go?

Fashion stylists give INSIDE EDITION tips on how to wear a low-cut dress and prevent an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Jaws dropped when Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence hit the red carpet wearing a daring low-cut emerald green cocktail dress.  

Plunging necklines are the hottest trend on the red carpet. Who can forget Jennifer Lopez at this year's Oscars®?

Designer Marc Bouwer explained that the trick is wearing a gown that's well-constructed and heavy.

Bouwer showed INSIDE EDITION a dress that appeared to be light weight but in fact, weighed seven pounds.

"This dress is pretty heavy, even thought it looks very light. There is a lot of fabric in it. The skirt has many yards of fabric, and it goes and goes and goes and this creates the weight," said Bouwer.

He even has bra cups sewn into some of the gowns.

Stylist and author of the Shopping Diet, Philip Bloch, gave INSIDE EDITION tips on how to stay safe when you go low, at Rent The Runway in New York City.  

One tip he gave was: if your dress falls off your shoulder, use clear thread.

Another tip was: you've heard about double stick tape, but have you ever thought about hairspray?

"Not great for the ozone layer, but great for keeping a dress in place, it just has the right amount of stickiness," said Bloch.

You can also use your favorite earrings.

"If you're not ready to take this deep a plunge at your best friends wedding, take some earrings, close the dress where you feel comfortable, and you have a brand new dress," said Bloch.

Another tip: take the dress to the tailor.

"Take a piece of illusion netting, and they sew it right in place, so that dress is not going anywhere," said Bloch.

If you dare to bare, these tips will keep you fashion forward without risking over exposure.