Whitney Houston's Former Sister-in-Law Speaks About Toxicology Report

Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the just-released toxicology report about how Whitney died.

Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law is reacting to the just-released coroner's report which reveals that the singer was a chronic cocaine user.

"I am not totally surprised, I am just deeply saddened," Monique Houston told INSIDE EDITION. 

Monique then continued, "I just remember as she was when I was around her. Just to have that steady decline over the years is tragic and it's sad, and its very tragic that it got to this point."

Monique is the ex-wife of Whitney's brother Gary.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "The investigation is closed. Does it bring closure to you?"

Monique replied, "I don't feel like I totally have closure on a number of different areas. The answers are apparent. She is no longer with us, nothing can bring her back and that's a tragedy."

Boyd asked her about one of the most baffeling aspects of the case.

"No cocaine was found in the room. Do you feel that somebody cleaned up the scene before police arrived?" asked Boyd.

Monique replied, "That would be the logical conclusion. I mean, where did it come from? That would be the logical conclusion if it wasn't found in the room."