Billionaire John Goodman Found Guilty of DUI Manslaughter

Billionaire John Goodman was just found guilty of drunk driving and homicide in the death of a 23-year-old man. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was an electrifying moment in court as billionaire John Goodman is found guilty on all charges.

"We find the defendant guilty of DUI manslaughter and failure to render aid," read a juror to the courtroom. "As for Count Two, we find the defendant guilty of vehicular homicide, failure to render aid."

The polo-playing mogul, notorious for adopting his beautiful blonde girlfriend, showed no emotion as the verdict came down in his manslaughter trial.

Goodman was denied bail and taken off to jail pending sentencing. His life was turned upside-down when he was driving drunk and crashed into a car, killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson.

Goodman shocked the world when he adopted his girlfriend, Heather Colby, in what was seen as a move to shield his fortune from a lawsuit by the dead man's family.

On the stand, Goodman admitted he had four drinks the night of the crash—tequila and Grey Goose vodka.

Goodman was asked by an attorney in court, "Were you intoxicated, impaired or drunk?"

"Absolutely not," replied Goodman.

In what many saw as a ludicrous defense, Goodman claimed he did most of his drinking after the crash to calm his nerves because he was upset.

Goodmand said on the stand, "I saw liquor on the counter and I went over and proceeded to grab a bottle of the liquor and I drank it, thinking it would help alleviate my pain."

But the jury didn't buy it.