Teen Archer Channels The Hunger Games Heroine

As The Hunger Games takes over the box office, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the teen archer who channels the film's heroine with some bullseye archery skills.

She's the beautiful teen archer with a brunette side braid and serious skills with a bow and arrow. It's no wonder everyone says 17-year-old Ella Kokinda is just like Katniss Everdeen, the fearless heroine of The Hunger Games.

Ella's mom Diana says, ever since The Hunger Games mass mania took hold, the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"Everyone always comments on how Ella reminds them of Katniss from The Hunger Games, especially with her archery and then of course, her brown hair and the looks and the stature," said Diana.

Ella's aim is so accurate, she's one of the nation's top teen archers. She already has a table of trophies at her home outside Charleston, South Carolina.

Ella told INSIDE EDITION, "I went to nationals and I placed second."

And like Katniss, who battles for her life in a futuristic reality show, Ella showed off her archery in a show that aired on The Sportsman Channel. Of course, no one's life was at risk.

"I could never see myself using archery to actually harm another person," said Ella.

Reality TV comes under scrutiny in The Hunger Games. Author Suzanne Collins has said she used shows like Survivor as her inspiration for the cruel show in which children in the wilderness are forced to kill each other on live TV.

The Hunger Games also has a political message. 

John Tammy from Forbes said, "The author's point of view was that government has grown too large, hence, people are starving and even worse, they are at war to get the basic sustenance."

There's no doubt that everyone is talking about this movie.

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