Woman Cleared After Fake Injury Is Exposed

We've heard of bad breakups, but this one might take the cake. Was one guy man so angry at his ex, that he had her arrested claiming she drove over his foot? He later was caught-on-camera putting on a fake cast. INSIDE EDITION reports on the video

When a 38-year-old Miami Beach event planner tried to break up with her boyfriend, she said he wouldn't take no for an answer.   

"He literally said, 'You will cry bloody tears. I will make you pay,' " Evangelina Irigoyen told INSIDE EDITION.

But Irigoyen never expected what her ex would do next. He told police that she ran over his feet with her car, fracturing his left foot.
"I was in shock," said Irigoyen.

Irigoyen was arrested for aggravated battery with a motor vehicle. Facing 15 years in jail, she was hauled in front of a judge.

The judge said, "I'm going to find probable cause and set your bond at $7,500."

She spent a night in jail before bailing out.

But what her ex-boyfriend, Cesar Vadala, didn't know was that she hired Private Investigator Robert Crispin to do surveillance. He was going to find out if Vadala was really injured.

The surveillance team was there at the State Attorney's office when Vadala filed a formal charge, but before he gets there, he bandaged his foot and put on a cast.  

Once inside, with bandage and cast in place, he appeared to be in pain and was limping but when he left, far away from the prosecutor's office, the bandages and the cast come off.  

Was he miraculously healed?

All his activities were being carefully documented by Crispin, who was across the street in his surveillance vehicle.

"This is so clear, convincing, and compelling, that this individual is not telling the truth, the video speaks for itself," Crispen told INSIDE EDITION.

Then Crispen and his team followed Vadella back to his hotel, where he didn't limp at all.  
Irigoyen's lawyer, Ron Lowly, was thrilled and three weeks after she was arrested, the charges were dropped.   

"Within 24 hours, we had more evidence than we could ever imagine proving that Mr. Vadala is the fibber, the liar that he is," said Lowly.

Crispin said, "Without this tape, I'm convinced she would have gone to jail."