IE Exclusive: Whitney Houston's Former Sister-in-Law

Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah, told INSIDE EDITION she has questions about the details surrounding the death of Whitney Houston

It's a bombshell claim from Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law.

Despite the fact that the Los Angeles Coroner says the death was an accidental drowning, Leolah Brown, the sister of Whitney's ex, Bobby Brown, has her suspicions.

"There's some foul play somewhere. I don't believe it was an accident at all," said Leolah. "Why? Who? I do not know. But I do think there's some foul play."

Leolah told INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero she will be talking to the Beverly Hills police about her  suspicions.

"You're gonna follow through with the police?" asked Guerrero.

"Absolutely," replied Leolah.

"And tell them everything that you've heard or that you know?" asked Guerrero.

"Uh huh. I sure am," answered Leolah.
She says she knew something didn't add up the moment she heard Whitney had been found in a hotel bathtub.

"I knew something was wrong there because first of all, Whitney doesn't take baths. She's not one to get in a hotel bathtub," said Leolah.

And she says she is bothered by the fact that no cocaine or drug paraphernalia was found in Whitney's room.

Guerrero asked, "What do you make of the fact that there was no cocaine found in Whitney's hotel room?"

"That's another question that bothers me. Things were cleaned up. Who cleaned up?" asked Leolah.

Leolah also spoke out about the drama that took place when Bobby Brown stormed out of the funeral.

"I saw what happened and Bobby did not just leave. Bobby was asked, purposely asked over and over again to move his seat, everywhere he sat. So you know, after a while he got frustrated and felt like he should just leave," said Leolah.