Transgendered Beauty Queen Disqualified from Miss Universe

A stunning beauty pageant contestant was disqualified when officials discovered she was born a man. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Donald Trump is speaking out about the disqualification of a stunning Miss Universe contestant because she was actually born a he.

"Rules are rules, and at this moment in time the rules say that that particular person cannot be a candidate, cannot be in the pageant, so we have to leave it at that," said Trump.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Trump at a news conference for Celebrity Apprentice and asked him about the controversy now swirling around 23-year-old Jenna Talackova—a six-foot-one statuesque blonde.

The Trump-owned Miss Universe disqualified Talackova after she admitted she's transgender and was born male.

"For this year, certainly the rules have been made, and they've been made this way for many years, but rules are always meant to be changed, and in this case maybe they can be changed. But certainly not for this year, it's too soon," said Trump.

Talackova was disqualified after reaching the finals of Miss Universe Canada because officials said "she was dishonest."

"The rules currently state that all contestants must be naturally born females," a Miss Universe spokesman tells INSIDE EDITION, "after review, organizers discovered that Jenna Talackova falsified her application and did not meet the necessary requirements to compete."

Former Miss Universe finalist Angela Martini told INSIDE EDITION Talackova shouldn't be disqualified.

"The world is changing, there is [sic] no rules. Who says that it has to be like that, that you have to be born as a woman," said Martini.

Talackova certainly didn't keep her past a secret when she was a contestant at the Miss International Queen Pageant for transgenders and transexuals in 2010—where every contestant onstage used to be a man.

"I always knew since I was about 4 and I started my therapy—my hormone therapy—at 14, and then I went through with the surgery when I was 19," said Talackova.

One thing's for sure: she's not going to be the next Miss Universe.