Rob Kardashian And The Police

Kim Kardashian's younger brother Rob was handcuffed by police, but eventually released without any charges being filed after he chased down a photographer in Miami. INSIDE EDITION explains the situation.

Kim Kardashian's brother, Rob was involved in a 4a.m. scuffle with cops inside a South Beach, Miami smoke shop.

What happened that led to the former Dancing with the Stars contestant to be hauled away in handcuffs?

Minutes before, Rob and his girlfriend, singer Rita Ora were spotted by photographers having an argument in the street. At one point Rita pushed Rob away.

Then, he spotted a cameraman.

Witnesses say he chased after the cameraman and cornered him inside a smoke shop.

When police arrived, they handcuffed Rob. He was released a half hour later without any charges being filed.

Police say there was no altercation and Rob never threatened the photographer.