Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley's Emails

INSIDE EDITION has obtained some of the emails between Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook detailing the bitter feud that has made headlines.

They're emails at the heart of the latest court battle between Christie Brinkley and her ex Peter Cook.

"Your ex-wife says that you bully her via email?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"I do not bully her," replied Cook.

In an email obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Brinkley sent Cook a link to an article titled, "Christie Brinkley's Ex is Sort of an A-(blank)."

Next to it, she wrote "LOL!!!!!" With five exclamation points.

"You know, it was laughing out loud not simply at me. She is laughing out loud at the embarrassment, the shame, that she's continuing for our family," said Cook.

"You're being referred to as an a-(blank). That made her laugh?" said Boyd.

"Yeah, that made her laugh. She thinks it's hilarious," replied Cook.

Cook is speaking out after America saw Brinkley break down on the Today Show.

"I just want peace. Sorry," said Brinkley during her interview. 

But Cook says the emails tell another side to this story. In another email, Cook asked Brinkley her opinion about disposing of the boat they jointly own.

Brinkley wrote back, "You are ONLY to email me regarding the CHILDREN. Please take this up with your lawyers."

Next, Cook asked for permission to swap the days when he was visiting their kids close to the holidays.

He writes, "I would like to know if you could swap Wednesday (12/9) for Thursday (12/10)?"

Brinkley wrote back, "I cannot plan that far in advance. Try again later."

"She found that I asked her if I could swap a certain day inflammatory. So she sent an email that I think was meant for her attorney, saying 'KA-CHING!'" said Cook.

"That's her word for, 'we're making money here'?" asked Boyd.

"We're making money here. He's in violation again, I get another $5,000," said Cook.

Cook portrayed Christie as an embittered woman out for revenge.

"Former supermodel scorned," said Cook.

"Why do you believe your ex-wife filed these legal papers? Why is she taking you back to court?" asked Boyd.

"I personally believe I got the emotional bill for four failed marriages. I was there. I was the last one sitting at the table, and I got the check," said Cook.