Passengers Speak About JetBlue Pilot's Mid-Air Meltdown

INSIDE EDITION reports on what passengers say really went on when the JetBlue pilot had a meltdown during a flight from New York to Las Vegas.

Astonishing video of that JetBlue pilot having a mid-flight meltdown has surfaced.
Captain Clayton Osbon was actually locked out of the cockpit by his concerned co-pilot after he cracked up at 30,000 feet.

In the new video, the Captain screamed, "I am so distraught! We're gonna get doomed!"

Former Fox newscaster Laurie Dhue was on the New York-to-Las Vegas flight.

"He was very agitated. You could tell he was having a breakdown of some kind," said Dhue.

Passenger Sarah Straw was using the rest room when the Captain tried to break the bathroom door down.

"All of a sudden I noticed the door was getting pulled open and I open up the door to see the pilot, who is frantically telling me that he needed to get in," said Straw.

Retired police Sergeant Paul Babakitis and marketing executive Tony Antolino were also on the plane.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "This is your own Captain who had a meltdown. What was it like being on this flight?"

"It was bizarre, all of a sudden a person wearing a JetBlue uniform darts down the aisle screaming. Then proceeds to bang on the cockpit door, demanding that the door be opened," said Babkitis.

Dhue also said, "He approached the cockpit door and started banging on it very loudly saying, ‘Let me in, let me in.' "

Some passengers thought a terrorist had gotten hold of a JetBlue uniform.

"What exactly did you hear the pilot screaming?," asked McInerney.

"He used the word 'bomb.' When I heard him say, ‘Say your prayers, say your prayers' I said, ‘This guy is off his rocker.' "

Passenger Marc Sehluk feared the worst.

"He was saying, ‘We're going down.' 'We're all going to die.' 'Pray to Jesus,' " said Sehluk.

Dhue said, "You heard people say, 'We got to take him down, we got to take him down.'  "

Antolino said, "We all just, without talking, realized that it was time to just really take him down and we wrestled him to the ground."

As luck would have it, many of the passengers were security professionals heading to a convention in Las Vegas.

Burly former New York City corrections officer David Gonzalez was one of those who tackled the crazed pilot.

"I just put him in a choke hold and by the time I cut his windpipe, he just started to give out," Gonzalez told INSIDE EDITION.

Antolino said, "Everyone working in concert grabbed different body parts, wrestled his arms behind him. People had his legs and we were literally sitting on top of him holding him down."

Gonzalez told INSIDE EDITION, "I just fell on top of him. By the time I was on top of him, the other guys on the airplane came in."

Babakitis said, "We had no choice but to physically hold him down for 15-20 minutes, which is an eternity."

The plane was diverted to Amarillo, Texas, for an emergency landing.

A dramatic photo showed the pilot being taken into custody after the plane landed.

In exclusive cell phone video police are seen speaking to the crew members after they boarded the plane. Passengers were clearly still distraught even though the plane touched down safely.

Some reports said Osbon had a panic attack. He is undergoing medical treatment but is in federal custody.