Meet America's Youngest Landlord

INSIDE EDITION spent some time with America's youngest landlord, Willow Tufano and found out how the smart 14-year-old is hoping to be the next Donald Trump.

It's not everyday you see a 14-year-old girl collecting rent. Willow Tufano is America's youngest landlord.

Tufano isn't even old enough to drive, but the 8th grader actually owns a cute three bedroom home in Port Charlotte, Florida.

"This is the beginning of my real estate empire," she told INSIDE EDITION.

She bought a home at a steal for $12,000, just before it went into foreclosure. Tufano paid $6,000, and her mother, Shannon Moore, paid the other $6,000. Now, the mother-daughter duo rent the house for $700 a month.  

Tufano said, "I'm going to definitely make a big profit with this house. If the market goes up, the value for the house will probably be more than double all the costs."

But this isn't Tufano's only property. She's in contract to buy another house in foreclosure, also in Port Charlotte. 

Tufano learned the business from her Real Estate Agent mom.

"I think it's amazing to have that kind of drive and initiative at 14," said her mother.

So, how does a 14-year-old, who loves skateboarding and playing video games with her kid sister, make enough money to buy and fix up a home?

Tufano said, "I sell stuff on Craigslist."

She trolls garage sales looking for deals.
When INSIDE EDITION spent the day with her, she found a skateboard on sale for a dollar at a garage sale.

"I think I can sell it for $20 or $25," said Tufano.

She also sells old appliances from foreclosed homes.

So, what's it like having a 14-year-old landlord?

Tenant Danny Wilcox said, "I've never had to wait no more than 12 hours to get anything fixed in this house."

Tufano hopes to own five homes by the time she turns 18 and, she has a warning for that other real estate tycoon about her empire.

"Donald Trump, here I come," warned Tufano.