Jesse James Clashes with Paparazzi

Jesse James may be cracking under the pressure of all the media attention he's been getting lately. He recently clashed with paparazzi and police were called to the scene. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Jesse James is fighting mad! Sandra Bullock's husband got into an angry clash with a photographer.

"You think I'm playing? Go! Don't play with me [expletive deleted]!" said James.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet, James pulled his bike right in front of the car and then made a beeline for the photographer's window.

James, who has been in the harsh glare of the spotlight following reports of chronic infidelity, accused the photographer of stalking him.

"Do you want to go to jail?" James asked the photographer.

Another guy approached the photographer's car and tried to break the back window.

"They're popping my tires now. This guy just popped my tire!" said the photographer.

Police were called to the scene where James and the photographer reportedly made citizen's arrests on each other, but neither was taken into custody.

Meantime, INSIDE EDITION has learned that Bullock and James have a pre-nuptial agreement in place that should protect her assets should she seek a divorce.

James told Howard Stern in 2009 that he and Bullock keep their finances separate.

"You make a great living, but the fact of the matter is, she's got a ton of dough. What do you do, do you keep it separate or do you have a joint fund?" Stern asked him.

"Everything is fully separate," answered James.

James told Stern that he was open and honest with Bullock about his past relationships, saying, "I've been 100 per cent honest with her and upfront about everything. Like, some of the things I had to tell her at the beginning of our relationship, like, 'Hey, I was with a porn star. Hey, we're having a kid.' At several points, I expected her just to turn around and run," said James.

Bullock skipped the Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend, but the beloved actress received thunderous applause when her name was announced as nominee for Favorite Movie Actress of the year. But it was teen queen Miley Cyrus who picked up the award. Luckily, Bullock will always have Oscar®!