Authorities: Youngest Woman On Death Row Escape Plot Discovered

Christa Pike is the youngest woman to be sent to Death Row, yet she managed to seduce men from behind bars to allegedly help plot her escape, until authorities caught on to her scheme. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Christa Pike is the youngest woman ever sentenced to Death Row.

But even behind bars, Pike has been able to seduce a steady stream of boyfriends and authorities say one of them just tried to break her out of prison.

How does a convicted murderess who spends her entire life in a prison cell on Death Row win the hearts of men?

One of her pen-pal lovers, Eric Gein said, "Christa can put on the southern charm."

Gein was actually engaged to Pike. "She said 'Hey Eric, let's get married, give me some sense of normalcy before I'm executed,' " Gein told INSIDE EDITION.

But normalcy is not reflected in her love letters. One of them said: "I have this great need to be physical with another human being. Be it good or evil I care not. Sex or murder. To hold a child or slit a grown man's abdomen open and watch his guts fall to the ground. What's wrong with me?"

Gein said, "That is her true personality. She's brutal. She is a dangerous woman."

How dangerous is she? Pike was just eighteen when she tortured a classmate by slicing her with a boxcutter before bashing her skull in. She'd acted in a fit of jealous rage over a boyfriend.

On police audio tapes, Pike said, "I just kept hitting her and hitting her and hitting her. I was like, I was hitting her, and she was still breathing."

But somehow, this killer remains irresistible to some men. The latest was allegedly a personal trainer from New Jersey named Donald Kohut. He visited Pike frequently behind bars at the Tennessee Prison for Women.

And Kohut wasn't the only one vulnerable to Pike's charms. Prison guard Justin Heflin was also involved in the bust-out plot, according to authorities. They say Kohut bribed him to make copies of the keys.

Prison officials got wind of the escape plan and arrested Kohut and the Heflin.

Meanwhile, the mother and sister of the girl Pike murdered, Colleen Slemmer, are appalled by news of the escape plot, and the fact that Pike is allowed visits from boyfriends.

Slemmer's sister said, "If you're on Death Row, you don't have the right to any of that. To make calls, visits, that's not right. She's on Death Row for a reason."

And that reason, they say, is to be put to death, not to seduce men by using her charms.