Carson Daly's Gay Joke Falls Flat

Carson Daly is in hot water after making a joke about the JetBlue pilot who had a meltdown and the people who subdued him. Now, The Voice host is apologizing to everyone he offended.

He's the host of The Voice, the hottest show on television, but now Carson Daly's joke about the pilot who went nuts on that JetBlue flight and the people who subdued him is getting him in a heap of trouble.

"So there's like, a bunch of dudes and well trained dudes. With my luck it would be like: this is the flight going to the pride parade in San Francisco," Daly said.

Then, Daly added in an effeminate tone:

"We're headed down to Vegas for the floral convention. 'Can we get a little help up here with the pilot?' Oh, no. No, thank you,' " said Daly.

Many people were offended by Daly's joke which he made on his Los Angeles-based radio show, but none more than Alice Hoagland.

"He probably won't be making anymore vicious jokes at the expense of the gay community," she said.

Hoagland's son, Mark Bingham, was one of the heroes of September 11th who battled terrorists on the doomed United Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania. He was even portrayed in the film United 93.

"There's nothing much good that came out of 9-11, but there were certain little sparks of heroism here and there, and several of those heroic people were gay," Hoagland said.

What most people don't know about the 6' 4" Bingham was that he was a gay man.

Hoagland said, "Mark was very confronted trying to get people to help on that airplane. And he didn't care, and nobody cared what their sexual orientation was as long as they were willing to stand on their feet and fight."

Daly apologized immediately.

"I attempted to make fun of myself & offended others by mistake. I sincerely apologize. I am not that guy," he said in a statement.

Hoagland said, "I can relate to Carson Daly. I used to make gay jokes myself, and then when I was confronted with the fact that my son, who I raised, who was a big, burly guy, and strong and fast was also gay, I had to reconsider and revamp my ugly thinking."