Cissy Houston Breaks Her Silence

Cissy Houston is speaking out for the first time since the death of her daughter, Whitney, and wants to set the record straight. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Whitney Houston's mom, Cissy is breaking her silence, talking about her daughter's death for the first time.

In an interview with WWOR-TV local news in New York, Cissy says she did the best she could as a mom and does not blame herself.  She thanks Whitney's fans who are helping her through the loss.

She also wanted to clear up some rumors about Whitney's state of affaris when she died.

"The media is awful. They think they know everything," she said. "Whitney did not die broke. She's not broke."

"I miss her, that's all. No need getting angry. I can't get angry with God," said Cissy.

Meanwhile, the official trailor for Whitney's last movie, Sparkle has just been released. Whitney plays Jordan Sparks' mom. The movie hits theatres this summer.