Morning Show Wars Heat Up

Monday marked the begining of an all out war between the morning shows as Katie Couric co-hosted Good Morning America, Sarah Palin called into the Today show and Oprah was on CBS This Morning. INSIDE EDITION has all the detai

It's an all out morning show war. Katie Couric co-hosted the morning show that used to be her archrival – Good Morning America.

Couric said, "It's a little strange, truth be told, and I am a little nervous. My heart is beating pretty quickly right now."

Meanwhile, the show that made her famous, Today, prepared to welcome none other than Sarah Palin as a guest co-host.

Palin called into the show and said, "How nervous should you all be?"

Couric is guest-hosting Good Morning America for the week while Robin Roberts goes on vacation. She made a video to poke fun at getting reacquainted with those terrible morning show hours.

When NBC got the news that their former star was taking the reigns at the competition, they responded aggressively, booking Palin for Tuesday's show. It was Couric's infamous interview with Palin when working at CBS, that damaged Palin's reputation. It was recently depicted in the HBO movie, Game Change.

Matt Lauer mocked the notorious interview and asked Palin, "What are you doing to prepair? Are you reading newspapers?"

Palin responded, "That is a great start. Here we go."

TV expert Max Robins said, "Morning TV and the war for viewers, that is hyper-competative. So anytime anyone of those shows can get a ratings sizzle, they can get a big name, a blockbuster name, they are going to do it. Right now, GMA has made some strides to get a little bit closer to Today, which has been the perenial number one for almost forever."

Not to be left out of the ratings war,Gayle King called in Oprah for a special apperance on CBS This Morning. Oprah opened up more than ever about her troubled network, OWN.

Oprah said, "Had I known that it was this difficult, I might have done something else. Last week, I saw one headline that knocked me off center and it was the USA Today headline that said, ‘Oprah Not Quite Standing on her OWN,' " and then the TV titan simulated stabbing herself in the heart.

But she made it clear, she's not giving up.

"I will die doing what I love to do and that is using my voice and using my life to try and inspire others to live the best of theirs," said Oprah.