Tiger's Air Mattress

Tiger Woods was sleeping on an air mattress after news broke of his alleged affairs. Now, details are emerging about a key figure in the Tiger Woods scandal. INSIDE EDITION has all the details. 

Tiger Woods slept on an air mattress inside a deserted house in the immediate aftermath of his blowout with his wife, Elin. US Magazine reports that Tiger hid out in the home of his pro golfer buddy Mark O'Meara. After Tiger stayed there for several days, a source who inspected the house told the magazine, "The house was gutted except for an air mattress, some pillows, a TV, snacks and Bud Light in the fridge, and a golf glove on the floor."

O'Meara , 52, is one of Tiger's closest pals on the pro golf circuit. He also owns two homes in the same luxurious gated compound in Orlando where Tiger lived with his family.

Meanwhile the identity of a key figure in the Tiger Woods scandal has just been revealed. A Las Vegas party girl appeared on Dateline last month in heavy disguise and with her voice altered, talking about Tiger's infidelity.

We've now learned who she is. Her name is Jennifer Lee Madden. She's 28 years old and her Myspace page lists her job as a VIP hostess. Jennifer got involved with the Tiger scandal through her friend, mistress number 1 Rachel Uchitel. She heard Rachel brag about her relationship with Tiger, then reportedly went to the National Enquirer with the story.

Jennifer has dated magician Criss Angel and is friends with Jenny McCarthy.  Jennifer also posed for Playboy as a "Cyber Girl of the Week." the profile describes her as a "small-town girl with a big heart who likes to make others smile."