The Man with Half a Body

Kenny Easterday is the subject of a new TLC documentary titled The Man Without a Body. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He's the man with half a body.


He's so small he can fit inside a suitcase. He bowls by lying down on the lanes and shoots pool by climbing onto the top of the table.

His amazing story is on The Man with Half a Body, a documentary airing on April 4th on TLC.

"To a lot of people it looks like I've been cut in half," he says.

Kenny Easterday from West Virginia was born with a rare condition called sacral agenesis. His spine didn't fully form so doctors had to amputate his legs.

As a child he used a skateboard to get around. He was fitted with prosthetic legs but he hated them.

"If I'm handicapped it's because of these damn legs," Kenny said as he pushed away prosthetic legs in a 1988 movie about him.

Today Kenny walks with his hands, which have thick calluses. People do double takes when they see him in the mall. His fiancée Nikki says he's anything but half a man.


"We have sex just like any other couple. Kenny has his parts like any other man," says Nikki.

But Kenny is living on borrowed time. Most people with his condition die at a very early age.     


"I should be dead now, the doctor gave me until I was 21, I'm 35 now," Kenny says.

For now the man with half a body is trying to live as full a life as possible.