JetBlue Pilot Faces FBI Hearing

JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon was spotted leaving the hospital with FBI agents to attend a hearing over his mid-air meltdown that caused panic onboard flight 191. INSIDE EDITION reports.

JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon was seen in public for the first time since his headline-making meltdown.

FBI agents led the glum-looking captain from the hospital in Amarillo, Texas, where he has been held since his crack up.

His hands were cuffed behind his back, and his belt had been taken away. Osbon was placed in an SUV and taken to a court hearing on a charge of interfering with a flight crew.

Meanwhile, his wife Connye is expressing the family's gratitude to passengers for the way they restrained her husband during his meltdown at 35,000 feet.  

"We would like to recognize the crew and passengers of flight 191 for their effective yet compassionate handling of the situation. We know you were placed in an awful situation," said Connye.