Jessica Simpson Reportedly In Talks With Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson has been pummeled for gaining so much baby weight during her pregnancy. Now, reports are surfacing that she may be a new spokesperson for Weight Watchers after she gives birth. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Jessica Simpson has a secret plan to drop all the baby weight she's gained during her pregnancy. OK Magazine is reporting that Simpson has been offered a $3 million deal to become the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

OK Magazine Entertainment Editor Shauna Bass told INSIDE EDITION, "Jessica Simpson has been struggling with her weight for some time now. So it comes as no surprise that she's inked a deal with Weight Watchers for a reported $3 million to lose the baby weight."

It's not clear whether current spokesperson Jennifer Hudson will stay on or not.

According to the magazine, Simpson is also hiring celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak after she gives birth. Pasternak helped her get her figure back after she gained 20 pounds in 2007. 

His regimen—known as the Five Factor—includes working out five days a week and eating five small meals a day.
INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page is exploding with support for Simpson after she became the subject of ridicule for her weight gain.

"Who cares?," writes Nathaniel. "If she's happy and the baby's healthy, that's all that matters."

Sherrie writes, "Is she big? Yes. Does it make her any less attractive? No."

But Nancy wrote, "She looks very bloated and uncomfortable."