INSIDE EDITION Producer Caught In Texas Tornado

While on assignment covering another story, INSIDE EDITION producer Joe Enoch was caught right in the middle of the devastating Texas tornado outside Dallas.

What was it really like to be caught in those terrifying tornado cells near Dallas, Texas?

INSIDE EDITION producer Joe Enoch was on assignment in Dallas researching another story when it happened.

Enoch was in his rental car, not far from where a YouTube video showing tractor trailers being lifted into the air was shot.

While Enoch was driving, the storm picked up and he had to seek refuge.

"Luckily, one of the neighbors in this neighborhood has let me into his house for some shelter," said Enoch.

He wasn't the only one seeking shelter, so did a photographer from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Not far from where Enoch found refuge, a homeowner climbed on his roof to record the twister tearing through the neighborhood. And some folks hunkered down in a their office, watching the destruction in disbelief.

When the storm passed, Enoch found a devastated homeowner taking stock of his wrecked home, fighting back tears.

Enoch asked, "Are you alright?"

The homeowner, visibly emotional, simply nodded.

But as Enoch was filming the destruction, there was another warning of a second tornado heading his way. Thankfully, Enoch is safe and sound following the storms.