Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Adam Walsh?

INSIDE EDITION reports on new evidence which suggests John Walsh's son Adam may have been murdered in 1981 by notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was the face of evil for a generation. He killed 17 young men. His crimes horrified the world.

Now, incredibly, new evidence suggests that Dahmer may have been responsible for one of America's most notorious child murder cases, the killing of Adam Walsh, 6-year-old son of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh. Adam was kidnapped from a mall in suburban Miami in 1981. All that was found of him was his severed head.

Arthur Jay Harris's book Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret investigated Dahmer's lost years in Miami.

Harris said, "Dahmer was found in 1991 in his apartment with 11 severed heads. Adam, the only remains of his was his severed head."

Although Dahmer lived in Milwaukee, he was a resident of Miami for nine years beginning in 1978, which means he was there when Adam Walsh was murdered.

And The Miami Herald has just uncovered new evidence that it says suggests the police ignored clues pointing to Dahmer, including a witness who says she saw Dahmer loitering near Adam Walsh the day he disappeared.

"Once I saw that picture of Dahmer, I said, 'That's him.' It was spooky," said the witness.

And another witness has also come forward to say he saw Dahmer near the Sears store when Adam disappeared.

"I saw a man from the back with an army jacket on and a little boy up in the air hanging by one arm, and he threw the little boy into the van. When I saw the picture of Jeffrey Dahmer, that's when it clicked," said the witness.

INSIDE EDITION interviewed Dahmer in 1993, where he said, "Eating of the heart and the heart muscle was a way of making me feel that they were a part of me."

Dahmer was questioned in prison about Adam Walsh, but denied any involvement. When the FBI pressed Dahmer, he reportedly said, "You know they have the death penalty in Florida."

Dahmer was beaten and stabbed to death by other inmates in 1994.

Reached by INSIDE EDITION, John Walsh today said, "The Adam Walsh case is closed and Ottis Toole was named the only suspect."

Toole was a lowlife drifter and serial killer who has long been identified as the leading suspect in Adam Walsh's killing. Toole died in prison in 1996.

Police in Hollywood, Florida have said they've looked at the possible connection between Dahmer and the Walsh murder and say they've found no link.