Dartmouth University's Brutal Fraternity Hazing

INSIDE EDITION speaks with Andrew Lohse, a former member of a fraternity at Dartmouth College who says the fraternities have brutal initiation rituals.

A shocking photo of a college student slumped in a chair after participating in an apparent hazing ritual is causing an uproar.

Andrew Lohse is blowing the lid off what he says is a dirty little secret, fraternity hazing at one of the most prestigious universities in America - Dartmouth College.  

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to Lohse about the alleged secrets and that shocking picture.

Boyd asked, "He's just kind of passed out with no shirt on. Pretty typical?"

"Pretty typical," said Lohse.

The classic film Animal House is actually based on fraternity life at Dartmouth.  

Boyd asked, "How does the movie compare to what you witnessed first hand?"

"Animal House is like Disneyland compared to the real fraternity experience at Dartmouth," said Lohse.  

Boyd then asked, "While you were pledging, you were told to swim in a kiddie pool full of rotten food, vomit, urine, fecal matter among other nasty things. You really did that?"

"Yeah, when you climb into the pool you don't know what's in it," said Lohse.

Lohse was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. In a photo he is standing above a fellow fraternity brother who was sick from binge drinking.  

Lohse's account is detailed in the April issue of Rolling Stone with the headline, "Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy."  

Dartmouth said the Rolling Stone article "paints a grossly misleading portrait of the college" and hazing is "strictly prohibited."

Boyd asked, "Why did you decide to break this code of silence?"

Lohse said, "I knew I had to say something. My experience at Dartmouth had elements that were very traumatic. I didn't want anyone to have this same experience I did."

In a statement the fraternity says the allegations are untrue. It's also important to note that in 2010 Mr. Lohse was charged with cocaine possession and was suspended for one year.