Photo Of Jenna Talackova As A Boy Revealed

INSIDE EDITION has obtained a photo of the transgendered Miss Universe contestant when she was a boy.

She's the Miss Universe contestant who's making headlines around the world because she used to be a guy.

And now we're getting our first look at stunning contestant Jenna Talackova when she was a little boy.  She spoke with Barbara Walters in an interview airing tonight on 20/20 and previewed on Good Morning America.

Walters asked, "What was your name as a boy?"

"My name was Walter," replied Talackova.

"Does anyone still call you Walter?" asked Walters.

"Nobody calls me Walter," said Talackova.

Walters also spoke with Talackova's mother, asking, "Did you always want a girl?"

Her mother responded, "Yes I did. I wanted a daughter. But when I had Jenna, the last child, I said, 'Well, that's okay, I guess I have four sons.' "

"And look what happened. You got the daughter," said Walters.

"I got the daughter," said the mother.

Jenna could be seen becoming more and more feminine as she grew older. In a photo obtained by INSIDE EDITION, she's an eighth-grader with a pageboy haircut and still going by the name Walter. She started hormone therapy just a year later, when she was 14. She got a sex change operation when she was 19.

Talackova told Walters that her earliest memories are of feeling that she should have been born a girl.

"I just always knew that I was not what they were saying. It wasn't right. I thought that I was in the wrong body," said Talackova.

Today, she is vying to be crowned the most beautiful woman on the planet in the Miss Universe pageant.