Titanic Sets Sail In Theaters Again

To conincide with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous ship, filmmaker James Cameron is releasing Titanic in 3-D. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Titanic fever is heating up 15 years after the film made movie history. The much anticipated 3-D version hit theatres this week and critics agree, it's better than ever.

"The very best 3-D conversation" is how one review describes it and these headlines:  "A Great Film Even Greater" and "King of the World Again."

Transforming the mega hit to 3-D was an enormous job, 300 people worked for an entire year to get it right.

James Cameron directed Titanic and was at the helm of the 3-D project.

"I bet there are a lot of people who never saw it in the theatre the first time and this is like watching a new movie," said Cameron.

The film turned stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into international superstars.  

The movie also produced the massive world-wide hit from Celine Dion. But everyone can't be a fan. Winselt was asked how she feels when she hears it.

"I  feel like throwing up, I shouldn't say that.  But I feel like throwing up," said Winslet told MTV.

The release of Titanic 3-D coincides with the 100th anniversary of sinking of the ship on her very first voyage.  She went down April 15th, 1912.

Two documentaries about the tragic voyage begin airing on the NatGeo channel Sunday. One of them is from James Cameron, called The Final Word and looks at exactly how the ship sank.

The other documentary is called Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard. It follows the man who discovered the shipwreck in 1985. 

Now he's trying to protect the ship. He calls it a graveyard for more than a thousand people and should be respected.

"It takes fives years for a skeleton to vanish and what you have left are shoes as if they are still attached to the body," said Ballard.