New Video Surfaces of GSA Party

New video has surfaced of the lavish GSA party in Las Vegas that cost tax payers $800,000, and you won't believe what happened. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Talk about clowning around with your taxpayer dollars. A new video from that lavish government junket in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers $800,000 is fueling a firestorm.

The video shows government employees singing, dancing, and drinking. Some are even dressed in drag.  

In one spoof, a government worker, callling himself the angry clown, cracked wise about goofing off at work.

The boondoggle was thrown by the General Services Administration [GSA], the very agency charged with eliminating wasteful spending.

In the video obtained by The Huffington Post, three government workers, calling themselves The Rat Pack, wear tuxedoes and croon "Luck Be A Lady."

Nearly 300 government employees were in attendance at the M Resort Casino & Spa. Some participated in a talent  contest, but the only talent one woman joked she had was drinking. On the video she said, "I have a talent for drinking margaritas."

Was she in luck as a co-worker handed her a giant margarita on the video.