Walmart Dog Rescued

Good Samaritans spent two hours trying to coax a terrified, abandoned dog from under parked cars in a Walmart parking lot, and it was all caught on tape. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

An abandoned dog cowered in fear under a car at a Walmart parking lot near Los Angeles.

She was emaciated and shaking, clearly terrified of any human contact.

And get this—she was also pregnant.  

"Some people are just heartless. They knew she was pregnant and they didn't want to deal with the pregnancy or the puppies," said Ally Shelbaugh, a volunteer at I-Care.

One guy tried to gain the pooch's trust by tossing her morsels of food. Then, he allowed her to smell him. But she was still too afraid. She crept away with her tail between her legs.

It took two hours of crawling under cars before the good samaritan was finally able to pull the dog out.

The video of the rescue was so moving, the man who rescued the dog added inspirational music and posted it online.  

I-care, a local animal rescue group in Los Angeles, took care of the four-pound pup and named her Cora.

"She was in horrible condition. It gets really hard to believe that someone can do that to a helpless animal," said Shelbaugh.

There is a happy ending to Cora's story.  

She's been adopted, along with one of her three puppies, named Comet. INSIDE EDITION was there as mom and puppy were delivered to their new home.

"When I saw Cora's video, that did it. I just wanted to give her a safe home," said the dogs' new owner, Maryann Mainero.