Movie-like Car Chase Ends At Movie Studio

A dramatic car chase that ended in a shooting looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie. In fact, this one ended at a Hollywood movie studio. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the car chase that just won't end. A suspect in a beat up SUV leads Los Angeles police on an hour long chase down the freeway at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

The chase began when cops attempted to pull the suspect over for speeding. What followed was 81 miles of sheer terror as he raced towards Hollywood.

"That'll take him down towards NBC studios toward the area of Disney studios," said the reporter in a helicopter following the chase.

At one point he got snarled in rush hour traffic. Cops with guns drawn surrounded him, but he managed to weave his way free.

"He's making his way up toward Universal Studios, he's on a side street," continued the reporter from the helicopter.

The chase came to a dramatic conclusion and it was like something straight out of a movie. Of all places, it happened right at the front gates of Universal Movie Studios Hollywood. Trapped by police cars, the shirtless suspect jumped out of his SUV and made a run for it. Then, in front of stunned tourists, he was shot by police and taken down to the ground in handcuffs. His gunshot wound was not life threatening.

So why was he on the run? It turns out he was wanted for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend in the neck.

911 Caller: "I've just been stabbed by my baby's dad and I'm about to die."

The suspect was identified as Steven Satterly. After the stabbing attack, he allegedly fled across the country in his girlfriend's SUV leading to the wild chase and an ending to rival any Hollywood movie.