Chevy Chase & Other Celebrity Rants

Chevy Chase's blow-up at the showrunner for Community is not the first verbal altercation involving a celebrity. INSIDE EDITION looks back at other famous rants.

Everyone's still talking about that jaw-dropping rant by Chevy Chase in which he tells off the executive producer of his NBC sitcom, Community.

"It ain't funny to me because I'm 67-years-old and I've been doing this a long time. I've been making a lot of people laugh -- a lot better than this," Chase said in the rant.

It's a voicemail Chase left for his boss, the show's 39-year-old creator, Dan Harmon. On the recording, Harmon is making derogatory comments about the comic legend. Harmon reportedly played the voicemail to a room full of stunned executives and added his own commentary.

Chase: "Hi, Dan. It's Chevy. Chevy Chase. I've looked now at three shows in a row. You don't get my humor at all."
Harmon: "That's true."
Chase: "Or what is it that I do that's funny, that actually makes people laugh."
Harmon: "I do agree with that."

Chase lays into Harmon with a profanity-laced tirade.

"The real problem is, Dan, that you're not there when we shoot and you're not there when they edit, so you don't even know what you have. You don't even know what it is that I'm [expletive] doing and if you want me on this [expletive] show again, I got news for you, I don't want it! It's just a [expletive] mediocre sitcom!," said Chase.

This isn't the first time a big star has been caught losing it on tape.

Actor Christian Bale infamously flipped out on the set of Terminator Salvation in 2009. The target of his rage was a cinematographer who accidentally distracted him during the filming of a scene.

Bale screamed, "I want you off the [blank]ing set you [blank]! No! No! Don't shut me up! Am I going to walk around and rip your [expletive] lights down in the middle of a scene? Then why the [blank] are you walking right through? Ah da da da da like this in the background. What is it with you? "

Charlie Sheen lost his job after a stunning radio tirade about his boss, the creator of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre. The rant, to some, sounded anti-Semitic, something Sheen denies.

Sheen said, "Chaim Levine, yeah that's Chuck's real name, mistook this rock star for his own selfish exit strategy bro."

Who could forget Mel Gibson? His anger was not at his boss, but the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva, who was the target of his blow up.

Gibson screamed, "I don't understand you! You're saying stupid [expletive]! Your logic sucks because you're a [expletive] mentally deprived idiot!"

Now it's Chase who has his angry words played for the whole country to hear.

Even the star of Community, Joel McHale, who is also the host of The Soup on E! is talking about it.

McHale said, "Community star Chevy Chase blasted the show's creator in a scathing voicemail, telling Dan Harmon he is a [expletive] who sucks at writing. Let me stop this rumor right now, there is no way Chevy could figure out voicemail."