INSIDE EDITION Speaks With Howard Stern About America's Got Talent

INSIDE EDITION spoke with the self proclaimed, "King of all Media," Howard Stern about his new job as a judge on America's Got Talent and what his co-stars think of him.

Howard Stern is sounding off on those reports of tension on the set of America's Got Talent.

"There has been no animosity or problem," Stern told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney at a taping of the show.

"Howard's 'Got' Howie Irked" said the headline in the New York Post, which reported that fellow judge Howie Mandel is "jealous" of all the attention that Stern is getting as the show's new judge.

Mandel told McInerney, "Nobody could be more thrilled than me. I am a huge Howard Stern fan. I listen every morning and I never miss it. Now, I get a chance to work with the guy."

But there's no doubt, Stern's creating a stir. There was so much excitement on the red carpet for the main attraction - Howard Stern.

McInerney asked Stern, "What does this feel like?"

Stern said, "It feels great. To get this kind of admiration, this kind of love. The problem is, when I go home I want everything done for me and I want to be treated like a king. My poor wife."

Stern's fans are mobbing auditions across the country and the show's producers are clearly putting their new star, who replaced Piers Morgan, in the spotlight. A billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood shows Mandel and Sharon Osborne's names in white, while Stern's name is in red hot flames.

Osborne told McInerney, "I wish I could say there was tension, but there is nothing. We get on, all of us get on so well."

On his Sirius XM satellite show, Stern's been taking pot shots at the judges on that other talent show competition, American Idol. Jennifer Lopez has been a particular target about her frequent laughter.

Stern said on his show, "Whats so funny? There is nothing funny going on."

Stern said to McInerney, "America will get to see me as a judge, I think I will be the old standard. I think Jennifer Lopez, Randy and Steven need to watch the show and learn. That's all."