Where Is George Zimmerman After Lawyers Drop Him?

After George Zimmerman's lawyers shockingly dropped him as a client in a press conference, everyone is asking where is the man who shot Trayvon Martin?

Criminal charges against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin are reportedly imminent. 

Police were putting up barricades around the Sanford, Florida, jail Wednesday afternoon. But where is George Zimmerman? That's the question the whole country is asking after that bizarre news conference with his former attorneys.

Attorney Craig Sonner said, "We're withdrawing as council for Mr. Zimmerman. We've lost contact with him."

Speculation is now building about where Zimmerman could be.

Attorney Hal Uhrig said, "For those engaged in the easter egg hunt looking for him, you can stop looking in Florida. Look much further away than that."

Some are guessing Zimmerman may be in Manassas, Virginia, where his father was once a local magistrate. Another theory is that he's fled the country and is hiding out in Peru where his mother is from. Even the White House is being asked about Zimmerman's whereabouts.

On the Today show, Zimmerman's former attorneys said they're confident he'll surrender if charges are brought against him.

Sonner said, "I don't believe he's a flight risk. He's not in the area. I can't disclose where he is."

The lawyers are coming under an avalanche of criticism for withdrawing from the case in such a public way.

On Good Morning America, Dan Abrams said, "I've never seen anything like it."

On CBS This Morning, John Miller said, "As a lawyer friend of mine in Florida told me, 'What you're seeing is the perfect storm of insanity.' "

INSIDE EDITOIN spoke to famed criminal attorney Mark Geragos.

"I thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit. If it wasn't so pathetic, you could laugh about it," said Geragos.

Geragos says he watched dumbfounded as Zimmerman's own legal team questioned his mental state.
Uhrig said, "He's at least emotionally alone and you might even say emotionally crippled by virtue of the pressure of this case."

Geragos said, "For them to come out and slam his mental state is despicable, not to mention a violation of the canons of ethics."

But Zimmerman's former attorneys are firing back. 

"I've got a list of people whose opinions I value, and for the most part, those that are trashing us aren't on the list," said Uhrig.

There is somebody who says he's spoken to Zimmerman. Close friend Frank Taafe says he and Zimmerman spoke by phone after his ex-lawyer's dropped their bombshell.

"He seemed a little distraught when I talked to him, but he was lucid, he was clear and he was concise," said Taafe.