Whitney Houston 911 Call Released

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the 911 call when Whitney Houston died.

The dramatic 911 call from the night Whitney Houston was found in her bathtub has just been released.

Caller: "I've got a 41 year old female found in the bathroom. That's all I've got right now but they're requesting paramedics. I'm not sure if she fell or she was in the bathroom with the water."

The call is being made by a security guard at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

911 Operator: "You don't know if she's conscious or breathing at all?"

Caller: "Apparetnly she wasnt breathing and she's 46 years old."

911 Operator: "She was not breathing?"

Caller: "Yes."

911 Operator: "Okay, but she is breating right now?"

Caller: "I don't know. The person that called me was irate and I couldnt; get much out of her. They keep hanging up on me."