Could Whitney Houston Have Been Saved?

INSIDE EDITION looks at the 911 call made when Whitney Houston died that has some asking if the pop star could have been saved.

The just released 911 call from the day Whitney Houston died is raising the question - could she have been saved?

The call, made by a security guard at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, clearly left the 911 operator frustrated.

Caller: "I've got a 46 year old female found in the bathroom."
911 Operator: "OK, but she is breathing right now?"
Caller: "I don't know. The person that called me was irate and I couldn't get much out of her."
911 Operator: "Can you get me into the room so I can try to give CPR instruction?"
Caller: "Oh I'm sorry. No, cause she kept hanging up on us."
911 Operator: "She kept hanging up on you?"
Caller: "Yeah."

The unidentified woman who called security from Houston's hotel room actually hung up on the people who were trying to save her and never spoke to 911 directly.

Precious minutes were apparently lost in the chaos, and the 911 operator was never able to relay vital CPR instructions to directly to anybody in the singer's suite.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, a veteran emergency room physician and author of Dr. Fisher's Little Book of Big Emergencies, spoke with INSIDE EDITION and said  it was a big mistake that Houston's aides never called 911.

"How much time do you have?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked.

"Well, after three minutes things get much, much worse. So seconds are of the essence," said Fischer.

Alexander asked, "Dr. Fischer, what is your reaction to the fact that the people in the hotel room never called 911 directly?"

"This is disastrous because the people in the hotel room are the lifesavers," Fisher said.

When asked if Houston could have been saved, L.A. Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter said, "There's too many variables for me to comment on that."

"What should somebody do the minute they find someone unconscious?" Alexander asked Fisher.

"Immediately call 911. You actually call 911 before you even try CPR," Fisher said.