Labrador Loyalty

As a dog lied dead in the middle of a busy Los Angeles street, its fellow canine companion stayed with the perished pooch. INSIDE EDITION explores other situations where Labrador's have displayed their loyalty.

It was a sight that was both touching and heartbreaking—a dog lie dead in the middle of the street and his loyal canine companion refused to leave his side as cars whizzed past.

It happened during the morning rush hour on a busy Los Angeles street. A yellow dog was struck and killed by a car and instead of running off, a black Labrador stayed right there with him.

It's not the first time canine courage and loyalty has been brought to media attention in such a situation.

No one will ever forget a dog's death-defying loyalty as he braved traffic to drag his wounded companion to safety on a highway in Chile.

In an unforgettable image from last year, as a brown lab named Hawkeye laid before the flag-draped coffin of his master, Navy SEAL, John Tumilson, who was killed in Afghanistan.

These dogs in Los Angeles are Labrador Retrievers and Labs traditionally put the "L" in loyalty, according to dog whisperer Cesar Millan.

"In this case it is loyatly at it's best. He doesn't mind that his friend past away and that he is lying in the middle of the street. They do not view it that way. They just view it as his friend needs him at that time," said Millan.

The brave black Labrador in Los Angeles didn't move or leave until workers from a local shelter rescued her and named her Grace, as in, ‘Amazing Grace.'

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked an animal rescue worker, "When she came in could you tell she was traumatized?"

The animal rescue worker said, "Oh yes, definitely. Dogs have a lot of feelings."

Grace was being adopted by the man who took a video of the rescue. Nobody knows where these dogs came from, but nobody will ever forget the loving loyalty of this very special dog.