Hillary Clinton Enjoys Beer As Secret Service Scandal Surfaces

While on assignment protecting the President, some Secret Service agents were allegedly caught with hookers. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is getting flack after she was caught chugging a beer. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on what is s

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chugged beer from a bottle during a wild night out at a resort in the South American nation of Colombia.

The former First Lady was photographed dancing the Rumba and playing maracas at a bar called Cafe Havana.

She was in Colombia with the President for a 33-nation summit conference. The New York Post published the shocking pictures under the headline "Swillary."  

The Talk's Aisha Taylor said, "I think the idea is, if it's a woman and she is drinking out of a bottle it kind of looks hardcore. That is who I want, personally, to be my Secretary of State."

The photos are creating a big stir in the wake of the scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents allegedly caught cavorting with prostitutes in Colombia and INSIDE EDITION is learning more disturbing details of that scandal.

Eleven secret service agents and five U.S. military personnel reportedly partied at a cheesy strip joint called the Pley Club. Inside is a gaudy dance floor and a shower stall onstage where women dance naked.

"The gringos got rowdy at the bar," one club worker was quoted as saying. "They drank fine whiskey and slept with the prettiest girls. Some did not want to pay," said the worker to El Heraldo Cartagena.

The agents reportedly brought several hookers back to the Hotel Caribe, the $200-a-night luxury resort hotel where they were staying. One hooker created a disturbance after a Secret Service agent refused to pay her $47 for staying the night.

Congressman Darrell Issa said, "If this kind of conduct is allowed or tolerated, if not discovered so publicly, what else is being allowed to be tolerated?"  

Congressman Jason Chaffetz said, "Given that you have so many people involved, it just makes it feel like maybe this is more prevelant and this has happened before."

It's the worst black eye for the Secret Service since Michaele and Tareq Salahi gate-crashed a White House State Dinner in 2009.  

The image most of us have of the Secret Service is fearless in protecting the life of the President.

Legendary Secret Service agent Clint Hill leapt on board JFK's limo, risking his life to save Jackie Kennedy in 1963. And Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy was wounded protecting President Reagan from a would-be assassin's bullet in 1981.  

Jeffrey Robinson co-authored a book, Standing Next to History, about life inside the secret service.   

Robinson told INSIDE EDITION, "They are very serious men and women who take their role very seriously and are extremely proud of the agency. When you have a bunch of guys who do something stupid like this, it tarnishes that image."