Pippa Middleton Caught in Gun Scandal

Her "Royal Hotness," Pippa Middleton is at the center of a scandal after one of three male companions she was riding with in Paris jokingly pointed a gun at a photographer. Now, she could face criminal charges. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the shocking picture that's causing Pippa Middleton a load of grief, and could even land her in jail.

Middleton was photographed in the passenger seat of a convertible, smirking as the driver pointed a gun at a photographer.

It's a stunning setback for her "Royal Hotness," who became an overnight sensation when she almost upstaged her sister, Kate at last years Royal Wedding. Now, she's making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The reaction from Buckingham Palace is stunned silence.

Royal Biographer Andrew Morton told INSIDE EDITION. "The palace will be horrified by this, as anybody would because anything involving guns is fool-hearted."

The photograph, which was published exclusively by The Sun newspaper in London, was taken in Paris where Middleton spent the weekend partying. She attended a masquerade ball wearing a sexy period-style costume over leggings and partied with an entourage of wealthy French bachelors.

And there's another picture Middleton will have to explain when she gets home. She was photographed holding hands with the son of a French media baron just one week after hitting the ski slopes with her boyfriend, George Percy, a British Earl.

Middleton's fun weekend turned into an unmitigated disaster when she was being driven to the train station to return to England with the paparazzi in pursuit. That's when Middleton's handsome companion suddenly pulled out a gun and waved it in the air before aiming it straight at one of the photographers. The expression on Middlton's face appeared to say she thought it was a big joke.

The headline in The Sun says it all: "Smirking Gun."

The photographer has yet to press charges, but if he does, pointing a gun at someone, whether it's real or fake, is a serious crime in France. The driver faces up to 7 years in prison if the gun was real and everyone else in the car, including Middleton, could also face real jail time.