Which Celebrities The IRS Says Did Not Pay Their Taxes

INSIDE EDITION reports on celebrities who may be living the life of luxury, but the IRS claims they owe back taxes.

On the surface, tax day wasn't stressing out comedian D.L. Hughley, as he guest-hosted with Kelly Ripa on Tuesday.

But now we're learning the IRS says he owes a whopping $1,083,297 in back taxes.

USA Today revealed Hughley's tax troubles and says he's not alone.

Singer Lionel Richie performed on the Ellen DeGeneres show on April 2.  Turns out, on that very day the IRS slapped him with a lien of $1.1 million for unpaid taxes.

"I was recently made aware of the situation...and it is being handled immediately," Richie says in a statement.

Actress Lindsay Lohan says she was "completely unaware" that the IRS says she owes $230,904 in back taxes and will "handle it immediately."

So how do celebrities get in trouble with the IRS in the first place?

Financial expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox told INSIDE EDITION, "The IRS always goes after celebrities. They're big targets. They can make an example out of them. And frankly, they can collect a lot more money out of them."

So who else is on the list of IRS deadbeats on tax day?

The IRS says actress Pamela Anderson owes $524,241 in back taxes.

While skiing champ Lindsey Vonn owes a jaw-dropping $1,705,437.

"A lot of celebrities can earn hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars on a single project. Unfortunately, they don't set aside a lot of money for taxes or savings," said Khalfani-Cox.