Mitt Romney's Dog Issue Bites Back

The Romney's are speaking out about the family trip when they put their dog on the roof of their car for a 12 hour drive. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Mitt and Ann Romney are speaking out about the family trip the Romney's made 29-years-ago when they put their Irish Setter on the car roof for 12 hours.

The question came up when ABC's Diane Sawyer posted, "What Would You Like To Ask Mitt Romney'?" on Yahoo. The second most requested question was about their dog, Seamus.

The Romney's spoke to Sawyer, she mentioned, 'You said it was the most wounding thing in the campaign so far."

Ann Romney said, "The dog loved it!"

Sawyer remarked, "But the dog got sick."

Ann said, "Once. We traveled all the time. He ate the turkey on the counter, I mean he had the runs."

When the story of Seamus the dog has even led to protests and to a web site that has 47,000 members. Scott Crider started

Crider spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander via Skype.

Alexander asked, "What is you reaction to Ann Romney telling Diane Sawyer that she thought it was fine for Seamus to be up there?"

Crider said, "I think that we really would have hoped that Ann Romney had a little more empathetic attitude about what the heck happend to the dog." 

in the interview with ABC, Sawyer asked the Romney's, "Would you do it again?"

Mitt Romney said, "Certainly not with all of the attention it has gotten."

Meanwhile, two just-released polls tell completely different stories about who leads the race for the White House. In a Gallup poll there's good news for Mitt Romney - he leads that poll by two percentage points. But the CNN poll shows President Obama with a nine point edge over the Republican challenger.